The company is administered by a fulltime executive staff, overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors, supported by a memorandum of understanding with SOS Kilkenny CLG, (SOS) and in close collaboration with the HSE.

The full time executive of approximately thirty-five (c35) persons is headed by a Operations Manager, supported by a senior management team (SMT). The CEO of SOS has a role over both companies.

A chart of the management structure can be viewed Here

The Board of Directors has all the duties of governance etc required under the Companies Acts. In addition, the Board is regarded as a Board of Management by the HSE, which necessitates the Board to have a greater degree of supervision than that required by the Companies Acts. To enhance the Board of Management aspect, there are five (05) board sub-committees, which meet on a regular basis, as follows;

  • Executive
  • Quality & Standards
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Finance
  • Communications

The Board has regular meetings each year on a bi-monthly basis. The Executive sub-committee meets regularly, six (06) times per year and in between Board meetings, or at any other time when necessary. Other sub-committees meet on a regular basis as agreed by the convener. A list of current Board members can be viewed Here.


Corporate Governance Manager, Áine Forde;