Technical Services

The Health and Safety Department has responsibility for the administration and enforcement of Health and Safety in St Patrick’s Centre Kilkenny. The overall goal of the Health and Safety department is to ensure St Patrick’s adheres to HIQA and Health and Safety laws and regulations. We take pride in ensuring the safety of both the people we support and our staff. Additionally, we are constantly striving for a proactive approach to health & safety.

There are a wide range of activities that fall under our remit including:

  • Promotion of good standards of health and safety at work
  • Investigation of serious accidents/incidents
  • Providing an information service
  • Inspection of all places of work and monitoring of compliance with HIQA and Health and Safety regulations including;
    • Transport/Vehicle
    • Maintenance
    • Food Safety
    • Infection Control
    • Fire Safety
    • Water Treatment Plant.
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