People Cultural & Development Team

People Cultural and Development (PCD) Team:

The PCD Team offer centralised support, guidance, governance, training & development to the employees of St Patricks Centre (SPC) to enable the provision of a compliant and quality service.

The PCD Team recognise that our most valuable resource are our employees. We are dedicated to providing the right support and advice to match the skills and competences of our employees to meet the needs of our service.

The PCD Team offer:-

Administration Support – provide administration support to the core functions of the services including Operations, Quality & Therapeutic, Health & Safety, Facilities and Central Functions.   

HR support –  provide advice, support, coaching to Managers and Employees across the service , in addition to the development and implementation of all HR Service policies, procedures and leading change initiatives. The Human Resource team play a key role in the strategic and workforce planning of the Service, and provide specialised services to management and employees during recruitment and selection, industrial/employee relations and HR/Pensions Administration.

Corporate Governance Oversight – provide advice and assistance in a number of areas including Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Risk Registers, File Management, legislative compliance requirements and Web based Information Management. The Corporate Governance Manager carries the responsibility for all aspects of Data Management and has oversight of Complaints, Comments & Feedback processes.

Training & Development Support – provide coordination of service wide training schedule, facilitates bookings & attendance at training and development events. The Training Officer carries out training audits and compiles training reports to ensure SPC has a responsive workforce to meet the needs of the service.

Culture & Strategic Development – provides strategic advice & planning, visioning, training, practice development updates. The PCD Manager has oversight of the PCD Team and its functions.