Services Provided

Last year (2017) St. Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny experienced great changes with a total of 8 new houses and 2 apartments in the Community. These homes are occupied by groups of between one and four people supported.  To date we have a total of 10 houses and 1 apartment in the Community and our aim is to ensure by the end of 2018, that all of the people we support live in the Community. 

These premises are located in the City and around the surrounding areas of Kilkenny.


St Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny (SPC) is based on approximately nineteen (c19) acres, wholly owned campus, situated off the Kells Road, Kilkenny, which consists of an old convent building, used to accommodate administration personnel. There is also a number of satellite homes where those remaining in institutional care are residing. There is a number of ancillary buildings which include a Swimming Pool, Sports Hall, Maintenance, Storage and other buildings.


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