Comments, Compliments & Complaints

St Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny is dependent on your feedback as to whether we are getting it right and indeed perhaps more importantly, where we might be getting it wrong!  If there is a concern, we would ask, that you pick up the phone and talk to the best placed person to address that concern.

Our employees are expected to encourage people to voice their concerns and to understand how important such feedback is to St Patrick’s Centre.  Employees are encouraged to be as attentive and as thorough as possible in how they respond to any concerns.  Any such communications are considered vitally important and will never be dismissed or viewed as unimportant.  Equally, no person supported or their family member/s should think that they are jeopardising or risking a service if they make a complaint or raise a concern.

We would ask that in the first instance, you raise your concern at the most local level possible.  If you do not get satisfaction at this stage, then you should progress to the next level.  The people we support or their families can address their concerns with their key worker in the first instance.  Employees should address any complaint they might have, on their own behalf, or the behalf of the person they support to their Line Manager.

If your efforts to resolve the matter locally and informally are not successful, then you may wish to raise a formal complaint.  St Patrick’s Centre has a Complaints Policy that explains the process and includes the form for making a complaint.

You can download the Complaints Policy by clicking on the link     Complaints Policy 06.09.2017

You can download the Complaints form by clicking on the link     Complaints Form

Any formal complaint can be addressed to:-