St Patricks Centre (Kilkenny)

Should you require copies of any of the policies mentioned below, please contact SPC on 056 772 2170 with your request.



The Review, Management and Authorisation of Policies and Procedures

Policy on Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse National

Policy on Admissions, Transitions and Discharges

Policy on Restrictive Practices and Restoration Of Rights

Subcutaneous Fluids (Hypodermoclysis) Administration Policy

Communication Policy

Quality Conversation Policy

Easy Read Safeguarding Policy

Missing Person Policy

Policy on Supporting Residents with Personal Care

Policy on Managing Behaviour that Challenges

Managing People’s Money Policy Document Nov 13

Policy on Communicating with Residents

Policy on Visitors to the Home

Visitor Policy

Policy on Recruitment

Sick Leave Policy

Annual Leave Policy

Smoking Policy

Force Majeure Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Training and Development Policy Document

Policy on Food and Nutrition

Policy on Provision of Information to Residents

Policy on Data Protection

Policy on Files and Record Keeping

Policy on Internet Acceptable Use

Policy on Confidentiality in Respect of Service Users and their Families 1-1-15

Social Media Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety and Risk Management Policy

Policy on Risk Management

Medication Management

Medication Management and Administration Policy

Complaints Policy

Children’s Services Education Policy 1-1-15

Education Training & Development Policy

Policy and Procedures Volunteering at St Patrick’s Centre

Volunteer Handbook

Transport Policy Draft

Transport Policy and Practice Handbook Draft

Infection Control Policy

Maintenance Policy

Laundry and Linen Policy

Keyworker Policy